“Bro, Do You Homeschool Your Kids?”

In my last post I mentioned the “Bro, do you even lift?” question that is often stated within the Red Pill and fitness community. It is seen as almost a qualifying question because if you do not lift, you may not even be worthy of the advice in the community (or it’s an insult in the fitness world). The intent is to basically point out that if you have not started down that fundamental road of improvement, you probably are not going to do the other things necessary like being focused on yourself or deal with your wife’s attitude. It helps prove you are on the road that your wife cannot travel on with you, which is vital, because us Blue Pill guys like to include our wives in everything.

Now let me introduce another question that I think needs to be asked and is just as important,

“Bro, do you even homeschool your kids?”

One of the things that irritate me is that  many in the Red Pill community will wax poetically about politics, some people group’s IQ, or leaving their legacy, but I have only heard a real discussion on homeschooling once. It is something that is a very minor part of the community but I feel it is a huge piece in the puzzle that you need to put together in your “Red-pilled household”. I hear, “LBGTQ this” or “liberal that”, but do you think sending your kids to the government’s school system is not going to dilute, if not totally demolish, what you are trying now to display and influence on them at home?

Wake up my Red Pill Bro-theren.

I am not giving you theory, but have homeschooled mine from day one. Two of my kids are graduating college two-years ahead of “normal” and neither stepped in a classroom until it was in front of a college professor. If you think my wife did all of the schooling while I did the alpha thing and went out and killed prey to provide for my family, you are only half right. I have worked full-time this entire time and didn’t work from home full-time until recently, and I did the vast majority of the teaching. She was either too stressed, too drunk or too intimidated by the process to teach them. One role she did tackle that I am grateful for was teaching them how to read and basic math. But once that was done, they graduated up to “dad’s class”.

So one of the major goals of this blog is to let you in on “my secret”. Actually, there isn’t one, but I’m more than happy to share what I did to teach my kids at home while working. As I look back, it’s the most Red Pill thing I might have ever done, not from a relationship standpoint, but from a life standpoint. I think every man should be teaching his children at least part-time at home. That means supplementing all of the garbage taught in the government schools much the same way you supplement your diet and don’t just rely on fast-food for your nutrition. Sadly, most people do, but you should not. They say you, “You  can’t out-train a crappy diet.” How much do you think you’ll be able to out-teach crappy doctrination from 8+hours of school day in and day out.

Understand I’m not saying it can’t be done, as I am a product (and not the best I might add despite having a college degree on my wall) of the school system, both public and private. So I can judge from both perspectives and I’m teaching my kids subjects I didn’t learn until I started chasing knowledge in my 20s. I now realize that the entire school system is not designed to educate us, but indoctrinate us! Of course, that in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing because so does your employer and church as a couple of other examples.

However, look what is at stake. Your boys are being taught that they are toxic and your girls are being taught that they are better than boys and…wait…what is a girl and a boy again? Oh yea, whatever they get to choose on a given day.

I think I can just stop right there and you get my point.

Peace, I’m outta here…Ghost.


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