A middle-aged “momma’s boy” from the ‘hood that was raised to be never be like dad, treat women bad, and follow Christ. Today, I still follow Christ, but I’m also destroying all of my nice guy ways and I now treat women the way they really want to be treated. I’m a dad who homeschools my kids with no help from mom, been married over two decades and it was my wife that taught me how to really be a man and led me to the Red Pill. Now I don’t mean she “taught me” like most men would say, “she makes me a better man” as he is deficient, but I mean she taught me because I realize that the way she is, is because of my leading and it is my fault.

Join me as I take this journey and lead my kids, get my marriage together, and combat this new wave of feminism that is now effecting the “Evangelical” church and every home.