Everybody Plays The Fool

Everybody plays the fool sometime
There’s no exception to the rule
Listen, baby
It may be factual, may be cruel
I ain’t lying
Everybody plays the fool
– The Main Ingredient
The Main Ingredient told us, and let me testify to their chorus with my life.

While I may have always been a Beta Boy in my relationships with women, perhaps I’ve always been a Red Pill Dad. Perhaps many will say it’s not possible,  but I disagree, and from some of the feedback I’ve received from my children they would agree with my assessment as well and at the end of the day, that’s what counts. As I heard Donovan Sharpe recently say, a woman doesn’t get to call herself hot, and a man doesn’t get to call himself an Alpha, it’s all about how people perceive you.

I never knew what MGTOW stood for or the concepts until 2017. However, just as there are some men who are natural Alphas, I seemed to have the MGTOW philosophy back when I had to raise my son solo at age 19. Oh, before I go on, MGTOW stands for Men Going There Own Way, and that I did…

My son’s mother “Shit Tested” me more times than I can remember and we were both teenagers. Of course, I didn’t learn about the Feminine Imperative until recently (thank you Rollo Tomassi for teaching me lessons dad never did!), so I often lost many battles and it was towards the latter years that I started standing up to her, stopped feeling guilty about saying no, and was willing to walk away from her and my son to save frame. Some of you are taking back by reading that last line but if you’ve been there, you know what I mean.

The result was getting more respect of her and my son, one that I think I still possess to this day. Had I kept allowing myself to be a chess piece week after week, to this day, I’d still be following their orders and my bank account would be dry.

But before her, my high school girlfriend got me as well…

And numerous girls before marriage…

Later, my wife would try me also…

Strangely, my wife seemed to see an alpha side that I didn’t see and it certainly wasn’t for my relationship skills. As I reflect, I think it could have been because when she met me, I was in the heat of custody battles and child-support squabbles and fought hard,  and didn’t take any mess because I had a mission and it was my son. Thankfully, it was those tough times that made me the dad that I would later be with our four children, consisting of two boys, and two girls.

I will give many more details on those years in future posts but I just wanted to get the point across that those trials and trouble times shaped me. I now need to be that guy as a husband, not just as a father. I cannot truly teach my kids in firm Red Pill praxeology if their kryptonite is the opposite sex, because it surely has been mine since I was sixteen years old, and now I’m almost 50!

So welcome, visit often, and I look forward to chopping concepts and experiences up with you in the future as I work my way through life after “swallowing the Red Pill”. I you have, you know that you walk alone, so perhaps I’ll find some other fellas along this trail.

Also, each post I’ll try to use a theme from probably one of the most Blue Pill areas out there, music. But every now and then, the old school guys dropped some Red Pill classics. Yea, I can see a mix tape coming in the future for sure.


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